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BlueTail Regenerative Therapeutics

BlueTail Regenerative Therapeutics focuses on the use of autologous biologic grafts - this means using certain tissues from your own body and placing them back into injured areas to stimulate and speed the repair of these structures.  

We focus on the treatment of athletes, active adults, and adolescents. With locations around the United States, our cutting-edge technology in regenerative medicine fills the need for a successful treatment option in patients who have failed more traditional therapies.

To become a member of the BlueTail group a physician must undergo specific and extensive training in the specialty of regenerative medicine and meet rigorous standards.  This way you, the patient, can be assured of the HIGHEST QUALITY of care.

Not certain if regenerative therapy is right for you? Please use the bar on the left to learn more about our procedures and the injuries and illnesses we can treat.  This website contains information that will hopefully answer all your questions.  Should you want to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians please call our nearest office location.


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